Lora Freeman Williams
Women in Transition Coach

Lora Freeman Williams started her coaching career after her own transition of a divorce and subsequent entrepreneurial career to promote healing and well-being for the planet. She is an author, certified mediator, and a coach to Women In Transition. 

The WIT Team

Since 2000, Coach Lora has networked with other coaches, healers, resource people and organizations to provide a robust resource network to share with her clients. In addition to her passion to guide women skillfully and compassionately through their own transitions, she connects her clients with the people and resources they need to thrive through transitions, rather than merely survive.

My Own Story 

I didn't set out to coach women through transition, but over time, they have become the focus of my work.

My own wilderness times of life have become the fertile ground for my work. 

I was married in 1994, at the age of 26. We divorced after seven years. The final months of our marriage the year after the divorce were some of the hardest times of my life, and I've often wished I could go back and tell my 33-year-old self that she would make it through and give her some compassionate coaching from my current 40-something perspective.

I became a single parent at 37, and at that time I needed to revamp my business model to parent in the way I wanted. Even harder, I needed to ramp-up my healing process of recovery from PTSD from an abusive childhood in order to transform the legacy I passed on to my son. I wrote about those experiences in my book, The Wilderness of Motherhood: A Memoir of Hope and Healing (available on Amazon). 

Over the years, I searched for tools to help me manage stress, communicate more effectively, find my career direction, heal and nurture my creative soul. I have found my way through some excruciating wilderness times of life and love nothing more than sharing with others the tools, tips and compassionate wisdom that others shared with me. I have had mentors, coaches and guides of my own, and I know the power of having a team at both my lowest ebbs and highest vistas. 

I now live with my wonderful husband, John, and our delightful son, Isaac in Andover, Massachusetts.

Background and Training

Lora has her bachelor's degree in English/Communications and has made a lifelong study of healing communications theories and practice.

  • Certified in Mediation in 2003 (Center for Conflict Resolution, Chicago)
  • Mediator through MWI (Mediation Works, Inc., Boston)
  • Studied Community Building with the Foundation for Community Encouragement
  • Studied Gender Reconciliation through Gender Reconciliation International
  • Certified in coaching through Coach Training Alliance
  • Studied Communications through Sandler Communications
  • Avid volunteer in hospice ethics in Colorado and Massachusetts to support patients and families through the final transition
  • Meditation instructor