Free 30-minute consult 
If you're questioning whether coaching might help you or whether the path you're currently on will take you to your ultimate goals, it could be time to schedule a free 30-minute consult on your life and business.  We'll help you determine what your needs are, what the best services are for you and whether or not we're a good fit to work together toward your goals. 

Call our office at 978-482-7474 or email at to schedule your consult now. 

Individual Coaching
Individual coaching sessions each last about an hour, and in that time, you will have the attention of a coach to work with you on determining your goals, determining strategies, identifying road blocks within yourself or in your circumstances, set up accountability and commit to a plan of action. You will also have homework assignments to move your goals forward between sessions. 

Some people request sessions as needed; some people commit to a period of time when weekly or twice-monthly sessions support them through transitions. The structure is tailored to the client's needs.  

Group Coaching: 
Groups forming now 
Groups of women have a particular power to them. A well-facilitated group (of no more than four women) can provide the best of individual coaching, with the added benefit of other women's wisdom, accountability and support outside of the coaching hour. 

Our groups form at 3-month intervals and require a commitment to the entire session, in order to provide continuity of the experience for everyone. 

Our coaches can help you determine whether groups or individual coaching will be most effective for you. We recommend services based on your needs, your goals, and your resources, as well as our experience in ascertaining the appropriate format for your particular transition needs. 

Workshops & Classes for your Organization
Lora has workshops and classes she tailors for your organization's needs. Some of the topics she works with are:

Stop the Conflict, I Want to Get Off

Set Unstoppable Goals for Your Life

Get Out of Your Own Way: Identifying self-limiting behaviors and fulfilling your dreams

Unstoppable Creativity (No Matter What)

Planning a Career Change that Transforms Your Life

"One of the BEST web presentations I have ever attended,"  Heather Severson, Project Manager, StudioGraphia, 
Set - and Keep - Your Goals in 2013 for Freelance Writers workshop.

Lora Freeman Williams is available to speak to your organization, business or women's groups to help them develop powerful conflict resolution strategies, inspire them through the transition times of life, and find humor and compassion in trenches of real-life change. 

Bring Lora in to speak to your mothers/parents groups to read and speak from her book, The Wilderness of Motherhood:  A Memoir of Hope and Healing. Having a child turns up the heat and puts a tight lid on our "issues" as women and as parents, and her story will inspire the parents who want to do more than just survive that pressure cooker - they want to make a delicious life out of what they've been given.

For more information on her book, please check out her author page at